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The Grimerica Show

Jul 30, 2013

Darren and Graham chat with Nick about his research in the Forteana, his latest book “Monster Files”, his upcoming book “for nobody’s eyes only” among many other crazy things. Nick, as always is fascinating to chat with and is not afraid to stick his neck out a bit with some well balanced opinions. 


Jul 18, 2013

Dennis McKenna, author of “The Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss” my life with Terrance Mckenna chats with Darren and Graham about his new book and his knowledge and experience with psychedelics. It’s a fascinating journey through our culture in the last 4-5 decades of expanding consciousness.      


Jul 14, 2013

Darren and Graham chat with Robbie Graham of sliverscreensaucers. They cover topics such as; the latest blockbuster UFO type movies, the indirect and sometimes very direct involvement of the DOD and the CIA in Hollywood. The trends and cultural impact of UFO and disclosure type movies over the last 6 decades. 

Jul 13, 2013

Tonight is a special episode with Ahmed Abou Taleb, our Egypt insider. We chat about the current delicate political and cultural situation in Egypt. Is this a Revolution or a Coup, or maybe there isn’t even a proper definition for it yet. Find out from the inside what is going on in Egypt right now.

In the Intro the...

Jul 7, 2013

Today’s guest is the crazyufologist Nigel Wright. 

The Grimerican’s open the show with some current events; the train crash in Quebec, Canada and the uprising in Egypt. Fan emails and new books on the shelf are read.


Darren and Graham chat with Nigel about all sorts of crazy stuff. UFO’s, and the links to the...