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The Grimerica Show

Aug 21, 2016

Interview Starts 44:55
Rick Delano and KTEE join us for a chat about their movie/doc "The Principle" and the controversy around it. Rick Delano produced and wrote the movie and KTEE (Katheryne Thomas) directed it. Their doc covers the history of cosmology, the Copernican Principle,  and all the changes in theories of the cosmos and our place in it. Many of the top Scientists and Cosmologists are in this documentary explaining the mysteries and theories of our universe. In the end through evidence from the cosmic microwave background mapping a case for geo-centrism is made.  
We also chat about dark energy, the evolution of science, UFO's, our uniqueness or lack thereof, the medieval collapse, and the media's reaction to this release. 

Here is the website to our film with the trailer and loads of information about the film:

Great section with press quotes about the film:

Endorsements about the film:
Short documentary about it:
Here is a detailed accounting about the controversy:
Interactive website too:
We have a GREAT Facebook presence with the film here:
In the intro Darren and Graham chat about the latest article attempting to explain persistent contrails. Also, a couple of strange cloud video's are talked about which show apparently fake clouds. Graham has a great UFO quote of the week and a mini synchro story from a listener and Graham reads another story from a listener about "Neith" The Phantom Moon.
Links to stuff we chatted about during the show and the intro: FBI and Tesla and other amazing disclosure documents Michelson - Morley experiment Mach Principle Neith the phantom moon
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